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Hollow Rotary Table

The SV type of GIGAGER Hollow Rotary Table also called Hollow Rotary Stage which are designed specially for servo motor gearbox for motion control applications. It takes full advantage of the flexibility of the servo motor, giving designers greater freedom of mechanism design....

SV Type Hollow Rotary Table for Servo Motor

• Separate Table makes design more freely

• Large-diameter hollow output table

• High Positioning Accuracy≦1

• High torque output

• High flexibility on choosing Servo Motor

• High cost performance 

Right Angle Hollow Rotary Table

As a famous professional speed reducer manufacturer, GIGAGER provides high quality right angle speed reducer around the world.

The GIGAGER Right Angle Hollow Rotary Table also called 90 degree hollow rotary gearboxes which are designed specially for servo motor gearbox for motion control applications. Some of right angle speed reducers are also called steering gearboxes or spiral bevel gearboxes which are for applications where the direction changes are needed. They are features of integrated stainless steel body to ensure maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance.

Other Products

Intelligent Stepper Drive (SD266B)

Intelligent Smart Stepper Drive 

SD266B 2 Phase bipolar Intelligent stepper driver is designed for stepper motor series 20-85 frame size. Driver has input voltage 18 ~ 60VDC max current 6A. Intelligent stepper driver integrated motion controller, PLC with stepper driver. SD266B has its local I/O and various network options. User can built up cost effective multi-point cost effective motion control applications.

Features and Functions

  • An integration of stepper drive, Motion controller and PLC
  • Support RS232, RS485 and CAN Bus network. All suitable multi points motion control applications.
  • RS232 : Max 8 Units
  • RS 485 : Max 32 Units
  • CAN Bus : Max 110 Units

Planetary Servo Gearbox

  • Higher Torque Servo Gearbox
  • Higher Gear Ratio Available
  • Low Noise
  • Customize Sizes available
  • Low Cost & Economical 

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System Integration and Engineering Services

We have created a wide variety of systems using many varied technologies including data acquisition systems and motion control systems. We know how to create measurement and control software for a complete system.
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